Two Weeks In

I have officially been working at Target Corporation for two weeks!  So far, I have nothing but great things to say about the company and the technology organization!  I have met a lot of great people already and so far like my role.  So, I thought I’d write more specifically about my experience at Target so far!

First off, Target is brilliant at the basics!  Everything from onboarding, getting access to systems and software deployments are all managed and executed with efficiency.  The help desk people usually just do a remote desktop to configure things and it’s very easy to find the “experts” when needed.  It’s also really nice using Outlook, SharePoint and Office Communicator (IM) instead of Lotus Notes, ha!  The company motto is “Fast, Fun and Friendly” and I have definitely observed the Fast in my first two weeks.

Second, I quickly came to know that the Target brand is extremely important to the company.  I can think of a few internal applications at Ameriprise where the logo might not look just right or the colors don’t really match for some reason.  I can tell you that this would never fly at Target.  All the applications I’ve used so far look like a professional web designer spent at least a little time ensuring the Target brand was maintained.  Even the internal architecture tools look good.  A colleague said something to me this week that I thought was kind of funny…  Target is really a marketing company that just happens to sell stuff too, ha!

Third, I’ve met the “Bobby Warners” at Target, ha!  Only my old colleagues at Ameriprise will understand what I mean by this, so I’ll explain.  I was essentially known for two things at Ameriprise, creating the Wiki and being a subject matter expert for Java and .NET.  I did all sorts of things and was part of many project teams, but those were the big two.  I had a nice little surprise my second day at Target in that I actually sit right next to the guy that created the Wiki at Target!  He used the exact same software I used (MediaWiki) and we talked for awhile about how we both managed to “sell” our idea to leadership!  It was crazy how many similarities we had in our Wiki journeys, ha!  I also reached out to the subject matter experts for Java and .NET at Target my first week.  I obviously had to find out what development frameworks Target uses and talk code with them for awhile!

My objectives for the next couple weeks are to reach out to the infrastructure organization and learn more about the Target data centers as well as just continue to meet as many people as I can!  It should be fun!