Have you used CoffeeScript yet? I just started playing with it and so far I think it’s great! In this screencast, I walk through how to use CoffeeScript in a Grails 2.0 application by building a simple “continuous-scrolling” page. Please let me know in the comments if you find the screen-cast valuable or not!

The source-code for this screencast is available on GitHub: https://github.com/bobbywarner/grails-coffeescript-demo

This screencast was inspired by Ryan Bates’ RailsCasts Episode #114. I borrowed some of his excellent CoffeeScript example code.

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  1. Amazingly simple and to the point … I’m surely going to try coffee script in my current project.

  2. Superb stuff :)

  3. Note you are mistaken about the coffeescript-resources plugin being “specifically designed to work with the resources framework”. However the plugin author intends to make it so in the future (see https://github.com/edvinasbartkus/grails-coffeescript-resources/issues/5).

  4. @Robert, thanks for the clarification about integration with resources.

  5. very effective and clear. Thanks

  6. Cool Demo! Thank you!

  7. Very clear, and useful. Loved it, despite the pronunciation of “pagination”. 😉

  8. @Eric Yea, that was my bad. I just didn’t feel like taking the time to edit or re-record because of it though, ha! Glad you liked the video anyway! :)

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  10. Very clear, no mysteries, succinct and useful. Well done! (And motivational, the coffeescript really is easier to read) Thanks!

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  12. Thanks so much for the demo! I have been thinking about using coffeescript in my new grails app and this just convinced me to give it a try. Integration looks so simple :)

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