Target will be hosting a hackathon as part of the GR8CONF US 2013 conference and today I would like to announce that registration is officially open for the event! Target is very excited to be hosting this hackathon for conference attendees as well as being an official sponsor of the conference. To register, please visit the link below to access the hackathon website on ChallengePost. Please register as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly! API documentation and a developer API key will be provided to all attendees at the event.


Registration for the hackathon is open until 5:00 p.m. CDT on July 17, 2013. You must be registered for the hackathon on ChallengePost and be a registered GR8CONF US attendee by this time to enter Target Plaza Commons for the event. There will be no exceptions.

There is going to be a slight change from what was previously announced for the hackathon. The competition is going to solely focus on utilizing Target APIs with GR8 technologies. Previously I stated that there would also be an open-source bug race, but this has been dropped. The bug race was simply creating too many challenges from a competition standpoint. Most people I have discussed the hackathon with have expressed much more interest in playing with Target data than the bug race anyway. I hope attendees understand and are just as excited about the hackathon!

I am using ChallengePost to power this hackathon! The platform is designed to support hackathons and provide exposure to developers and the projects they build. It’s completely free and helps promote events to the larger developer community. I worked with Richard at ChallengePost (richard@challengepost.com) for the GR8CONF hackathon. Feel free to reach out to him know if you want to use ChallengePost yourself!

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